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Bhakti (Das Goode)

Bhakti makes a lot of his own flutes which he plays live over his sets , merging through a range of genres depending on time and location. He often has Luke Perry on live guitar accompanying and the mixture of instruments is enchanting and enthralling.


Raised in ashrams from a young age his choice of music is aimed at linking you from the ground up through your bass  and soaring out through your crown chakra . A master of the emotive journey and those eyes closed hands in the air moments his choice of deep kicks n funky basslines are sure to leave you sweating and frothing for more



The will to create and shape frequencies into reflections of self and the world around is what drives the sonic sequences of AutomatA.


Expect to here outlays of pure unfiltered conscious dribble and deep emotive motif’s to accompany the hammering heartbeat of the machine.


Try again fail again fail better



With her latest EP ‘Kindness Is Sexy’ soaring up the charts and taking out #1 on Beatport Releases in 2019, You can be guaranteed of an incredible journey with her sets.


With her own productions and a selection of the worlds best, her time on stage is always vibrant and entertaining. She is making waves, bringing tribal rhythms and beats that are infectiously groovy and easy to lose ones self in the moment. 


Having played numerous large scale festivals all over Australia, inclusive of our largest, Splendour in the Grass, her career keeps growing and growing. 


Kayo Alves & Camila Rosa

Brazilian couple, living on the Gold Coast- AU.

Kayo Alves and Camila Rosa are the union of two parallel forces that have the same intensity.  

The couple are residents at Elsewhere ( night club on GC) and they have been playing in festivals such as Rabitts Eat Lettuce, Earth Frequency, Mushroom Valley, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Rooftop restaurants, small doofs and private gigs around the Northern NSW & QLD region. 



Raised at the underground Australian bush doofs, Merlin is a psytrance project created by the brazilian Dj and producer André Mayer (31). 

A mix of world influences from psy full on, such as, Burn in Noise, Earthslace, Relativ, Sonic Species, Starlab, Outsiders, and many others, combined with lots of energy and passion, are the perfect combination to make each one of his performances unique.


Progressive Outrun

Progressive OutRun

Rodrigo is a Brazilian eletronic music enthusiast, inspired by European Psytrance and experimental genres such as Retrowave, he decided to create Progressive OutRun, aiming to bring to the dance floor the best tunes.

From groovy offbeat bass lines to deep melodic and atmospherical breaks, Progressive OutRun plays a variety of prog trance tunes, bringing an uplifting vibe  alongside a retro feeling in his sets.

 "Initiation was magical and really well run, I loved every minute of it and to all the people that went, you are all wonderful, lovely humans"

Nic Mead

"I went to the festival in the carnival edition in January 2022 and now. the structure, the stages, the presentations surprised me very positively. each edition you are surpassing yourselves. really loved everything!"

Carolina Servila




The After Party

Join us for an afternoon full of grooves and great music. Located at the heart of Gold Coast, on the Industrial prescient of Burleigh Waters.

Let's celebrate the good times we all created together at  INITIATION NYE, bring your friends, join the community!

16:00 Bhakti

17:30 Kayo Alves & Camila Rosa

18:30 AutomatA

19:30 Merlin vs Progressive Outrun

20:45 Morgazmk

22:00 End

Food Stall(s) avaialble

Online: $20 + BF

Door: $30

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