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Building a Festival: Where to start

Welcome to INITIATION's Blog!

Hello guys we are creating a Multi-Arts Festival over the New Years, it is the second edition, but feels like the first one.

Maybe it feels like the first one, because the first one was postponed by COVID and we never felt was like to have our sold-out festival happening during New Years. So this is the first one, again.

But with a huge added experience of delivering a successfully event with smiles everywhere.

The challenge begins and we will share with you a bit of this journey. The first thing that I'm thinking is the Tribal Stage... and I would like to share an image that we are using as inspiration, I took this picture in Brazil last month, it is painted on the gate/wall of this shop and I think it resembles a "Cocar" headdress used by native Brazilians.

Let's see what it becomes...

Beco Do Batman - Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brasil

We will work closely with Mikey (Eyebyte) and bring something amazing for you.

This stage will also hold the "Ball Drop", the countdown to 2023 on the night of 31st December.

Art Spaces

This year we will put more energy into the art space / gallery, if you know someone that has some beautiful art and is looking to share with the world, let them know!

all applications are open until end of July at


So that is for the first blog post! we will try to share as much as we can, and keep posting our progress!

If you want to join us, check the applications section, it will be available until end of July.

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