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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Question: Why selling tickets so soon?

Response: Why not?

early bird

/əːli ˈbəːd/ phrase of early

  1. HUMOROUS a person who rises, arrives, or acts before the usual or expected time. "he was always an early bird"

  2. TICKET a person who gets in early and supports event promoters, they are rewarded by paying a very discounted ticket fee and inspiring promoters to deliver the event and get things rolling sooner than later.

Last year we sold-out INITIATION 1.0 NYE 40 days before the event, It was a massive support from the community, but we notice a lot of people missed out, just before the event (original date) we had 200 extra people on a waiting list.

So for this year we are launching the tickets earlier (since May) so you have the time to plan your budget/time, and get on to it sooner than later.

AfterPay Available!

The schedule for tickets are as follows:

Early Bird $150 on sale until 10th July (not many left) when we drop the First Line-up.

First Release $250 on sale until end of September with the final line-up and artists announcement.

Then Third Release $350 goes on sale until November

Fourth and final release $450 also at gate sales if not sold-out.

Get your tickets here

Volunteering: If you are looking to join us and help building the event in exchange for a ticket, you may apply for a Volunteer Position (Applications close in November).

You still need a ticket, but we will refund 100% of what you paid, after the event once you completed your shift hours.

Volunteers ticket will go on sale July 10th.



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