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FAQ and Check-list before INITIATION

Thank you! We are stoked with the support!

The event has sold-out, which means no more ticket sale, no gate sales!

We cannot wait to welcome you and together make this NYE a unique and memorable experience. Everyone plays a part in it.

To make the most of it we have listed below some key considerations and frequent ask questions we usually get.

Are you are prepared for 4,5 days in the outdoors? Pack for rain or shine!

Camping ammenities: We have plenty of toilets and showers, we have shades and dance-floor has a mist system to keep everyone cool.

We also have a Harm Reduction team and Ranger looking after everyone, our team will be using an Orange Hi-Viz. If you have any issues or questions just reached out to them. For more serious issues we also have a fully equiped medical team on site.

Make sure you read the Venue FAQ, Camping Advice and Festival Guidelines.


Re-sell tickets: if you re-sell or want to transfer your ticket, make sure you fill this change name form. Cut-off date is 28th December.

Mobile Signal: There is some connection depending on you carrier.

Internet: Third party provider FestivalNet will be offering Internet to guest at a small cost. Check details at info tent.

Showers: Included in your ticket, so no extra. We have set a schedule to save water with morning and afternoon hours of operation.

Water: we provide drinking water but is always good to bring some extra, consider bringing 20L per person. Also Snack and Electrolytes to help keep your body hydrated.

Camping Etiquete: If you and your friends want to camp together, make sure you arrive together, there is no "saving spot" unfortunately this site has limited areas for camping and our traffic and camping team wont allow saving spots.

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