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Meet Lu

Performers Coordinator / Cerimonies

Meet Lu (Luisa), she loves sipping Chai-Tea and listening to Psy-trance.

She took on the role of Performers Coordinator and Cerimonies for this edition, we are very happy with her creative input and also would love to thanks all 32 performers that applied to join INITIATION 2.0.

Make sure you don't miss the Welcome to country, NYE Countdown and Closing Ceremony.

So how did you meet this crew?

"I heard about initiation from few festival friends and I got out of my way to be part of it ! I managed to get a performers ticket and came with my crew. We did a fire set and a day set! We loved it and we had the pleasure to connect to the organisers, the volunteers and some of the musicians/djs. It was my pleasure to be part of the opening ceremony ( I was filling up for Michelle) and help the performer coordinator. I spent a bit of time at the volly station as well, helping where I could and entertaining Sha and the other members of the team! My experience was sublime. I enjoyed the family vibes and the weather."

And why did you choose to join INITIATION again?

"I think I could use my skills and knowledge to bring fire and magical performances to the festival. My creativity and connections are going to be at service!"

What would be your ideal festival?

"I would like a festival with a line up like Boom, the ideal location would be a tropical beach, not too big in size, arty and inspiring.

What most matter to me in a festival is the energy that the participants and the crew creates ... itshould be a place where people CAN COME BACK and ABLE TO EXPR3SS THEMESELF FREELY AND SAFELY."

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