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Meet the legends

Featuring Sha-Lan Shi

Sha and Caco

Before start, we would like to recap our three last posts:

Inspiration for stage design

About tickets price and release schedule

First Line Up Announced

Sha became our rescue angel, she answered to the universe calling her to be there and showed up at info tent just as the assigned volunteer manager (first timer) gave up on the task.

Sha saved our essencial and recently abandoned Volunteer Department at the very start of the festival. Boys and girls, meet angelical Sha Starz Zee

We will presenting other key members of our team in the following weeks. Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

If you are looking to join us and help building the event in exchange for a ticket, you may apply for a Volunteer Position (Applications close in November).

You still need a ticket, but we will refund 100% of what you paid, after the event once you completed your shift hours.

Volunteers ticket will go on sale July 10th.

All the other applications will be available until end of July at

AfterPay Available!

The schedule for tickets are as follows:

Early Bird $150 on sale until 10th July (not many left) when we drop the First Line-up.

First Release $250 on sale until end of August with the final line-up and artists announcement.

Then Third Release $350 goes on sale until November

Fourth and final release $450 also at gate sales if not sold-out.

Get your tickets here !

INITIATION Follow @initiationfestival to be the first to know!



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