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Meet Timbo

He is a veteran in the music industry, starting at the age of 12 as roadie!

Timbo is the Head of Traffic & Camping at INITIATION 2.0

How did you get involved with events?

I started as a roadie for gigs back when I was 12 years old and progress into organise local gigs as well as my first festival I helped organise back in 2007 from there I have worked in many various roles across the music industry

What makes you keep on going and continuing to work within the industry/scene ?

I love the music culture and community with all its uniqueness and freedom of expression

What is you favorite genre of music?

I started of being mostly into punk and metal but my genre preference as I got older stretched to all styles

What is your ideal festival setup?

I'm all for multi genre festivals and would love to rock out with some good hard rock or chill to some bassy dub/ reggae and all things in-between

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