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Unveiling the Spectacle: Meet the Mesmerizing Performers of INITIATION Festival 2023

Prepare to be enchanted as INITIATION Festival proudly presents a lineup of extraordinary performers ready to elevate your festival experience to new heights.

These gifted individuals embody a diverse range of talents, each weaving a unique story through their mesmerizing performances. Let's delve into the captivating bios of some of the chosen artists for this edition:

1. Aliya - The Flow Arts Creatrix

Aliya is a creatrix whose performances are a soulful journey through dance and emotion. As a self-taught artist, she immerses herself in the flow, mastering complex tricks and skills. Aliya's passion for flow arts shines through her captivating performances in Poi, Hoop, Dragon Staff, and the daring realm of fire spinning. Be prepared to be spellbound as she takes you on a journey to rediscover your connection to yourself and the music.

2. Anna Louise - A Dance Virtuoso

Anna Louise, a professional dancer and performer based in South East Queensland, is set to captivate audiences with her versatile skills. From fire and LED performances to pole dance, aerial hoop, stilt walking, and hula hooping, Anna Louise's repertoire is nothing short of spectacular. With formal training as a dancer and circus artist, her shows blend technique and passion, promising an entrancing and graceful experience for all.

3. Choatica - The Embodiment of Divine Feminine Energy

Choatica, a female dance group, channels the divine feminine energy to create authentic and raw performances. Guided by flow state principles, their acts prioritize shared flow, reflecting a profound connection to the earth and the wild woman within. Creatively directed by CHOASMIC, this act promises an unforgettable experience, with live music mixed by LilxBit adding a symbiotic touch to their performances.

4. Dragon Fae - A Transformative Serpentine Dancer

Step into a transformational dimension with Dragon Fae, a serpentine dancer specializing in fire performance, circus arts, and ritual performances. With an array of flow toys at her disposal, including Fire Palms, Fire Fans, Levi-wand, Dragon Staff, Flow Fans, silk and Poi, Dragon Fae is ready to mesmerize you with her fiery displays. Having graced numerous festivals Australia-wide, she invites you to witness the enchantment she brings to the stage.

5. Emmanuelle Engkantada - The Filipino Enchantress

Emmanuelle Engkantada, a Filipino-born artist, brings a diverse range of talents, from embodiment dancing to Kundalini dance and mesmerizing fire performances. Her performances are a harmonious blend of breath, life force energy, and movement, serving as intentional offerings to spread the light within each one of us. Embrace the enchantment as she invites you to witness the divine language of light through her captivating performances.

6. Moving with Intention - The Geometric Performer

Moving with Intention combines movement meditation with sacred geometric patterns, delivering captivating and expressive performances. Throughout the night, she harnesses the power of the flame, utilizing palms, single and double staffs, and the dragon staff. The electric nature of LED props such as hoop and staffs further adds a wild and enchanting element to her performances.

Get ready to be enthralled by these incredible artists at INITIATION Festival 2023. Their performances promise to be a kaleidoscope of creativity, leaving you spellbound and ignited for more. Join us as we celebrate the convergence of art, music, and community in a magical celebration that transcends the ordinary.

See you at INITIATION Festival 2023!

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