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Welcome to the INITIATION Strive Guide! We're dedicated to ensuring that your festival experience is not only enjoyable but also safe. Read through our A-Z of tips to make the most of your time at INITIATION NYE.

A – Ashtray: Help us maintain a clean environment by carrying a portable ashtray with a clip lid. This way, you can keep it in your pocket and ensure the festival site stays tidy.

B – Behavior: INITIATION NYE has a strict policy against anti-social behavior, both inside and outside the festival. Let's create a positive atmosphere for everyone.

C – Carrying Alcohol: Feel free to bring your own alcohol, but remember, one slab or one bottle of spirits per person is considered a reasonable amount. Avoid glass containers, as they will be confiscated.

D – Destination Beaudesert: If you're coming from the Gold Coast, Beaudesert is your last stop for fuel and supplies. Supporting small towns like this is encouraged.

E – Environment: Please use the waste stations throughout the festival site to sort your trash. INITIATION NYE is a Leave No Trace event, so take your campsite rubbish with you.

F – Festival Camping: Bring your camping gear, but avoid setting up under overhanging branches. Make sure to pack your sleeping essentials for a comfortable stay during this 4-day event.

G – Green Transport: Carpooling is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint as a festival community.

H – Hydration: Stay hydrated! Bring your own water and support our no plastic bottle policy by refilling your reusable containers from onsite taps.

I – Inappropriate Pets: Leave your dogs and other pets at home; they are not allowed at the festival.

J – Jukebox Rules: Small iPod dock sound systems are acceptable, but please avoid loud or offensive music that may disturb your neighbors.

K – Kids Welcome: INITIATION NYE is a family-friendly event. Kids under 16 are free, but anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

L – Leave No Trace: Respect the Earth and your fellow festival-goers by cleaning up after yourself. Bring rubbish bags and boxes to take your trash home.

M – Money Matters: ATMs are available onsite for your convenience.

N – Neighborly Vibes: Get to know your neighbors and look out for each other's belongings.

O – Out of Bounds: Please respect areas marked as no entry or staff only.

P – Parking and Access: Follow the instructions of parking marshals to keep access roads clear at all times for emergencies.

Q – No Pass Outs: Remember, once you leave the festival, you cannot return. Restricted vehicle movements are in place for your safety.

R – Respect Privacy: Be considerate when taking photos or videos of others.

S – Safety First: Quad bikes and mini bikes are not permitted. Ensure you are sober before driving home, and obey the 5km/h speed limit within the festival area.

T – Trash Reduction: Bring reusable water bottles, cups, carabiners, and quality camping equipment. Single-use camping gear is not acceptable.

U – Unwinding: Plan your weekend so you can leave the festival site sober and ready to drive. If needed, inquire about the designated camping area for post-festival recovery.

V – Sun Protection: Prepare for the sun with hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

W – Waste Sorting: Use the provided bins and separate your trash for recycling when you get home.

X – Excessive Noise: Sound systems and generators are not permitted at INITIATION FESTIVAL.

Y – Your Footwear: Sturdy shoes are essential for nighttime, and consider bringing gumboots if rain is in the forecast.

Z – Shower Etiquette: Use the available showers responsibly, and limit water usage between 6-10 am and 4-8 pm.

Remember, the success of INITIATION NYE depends on our collective effort. Let's strive to create a memorable and responsible festival experience for all. Enjoy!

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