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Get Ready for INITIATION FESTIVAL: 10 Key Tips You Need to Know + Event Map

  1. Arrival and Departure: General guest festival tickets allow entry from Friday, December 29th at 8am (Closing every day at 8pm). Early entry tickets are available for access from Thursday, December 28th at 8am till 8pm and include a warm-up night at Love Camp & Oca Stage. Guests must depart by Tuesday, January 2nd at 12 noon. Please travel to and from the event with a SOBER driver. 

  2. Pets and Alcohol: Pets are not allowed at the festival, and there is a strict no-pet policy. Guests are allowed to bring their own alcohol but should adhere to the responsible BYO policy, with limits on the quantity of alcohol allowed per person. Alcohol will not be sold or served at the festival.

  3. Glass Policy: Guests are not allowed to bring any glass bottles, these will be confiscated. It is recommended to bring drinks in cans or to decant the contents of glass bottles into plastic or steel drink containers.

  4. Leave No Trace: The festival is a Leave No Trace event, so guests should clean up after themselves and take their campsite rubbish with them. Waste stations are provided throughout the festival.  Use the designated bins for cans and general waste. Please help our sustainability team keep it clean!

  5. Hydration and Sun Protection: Guests should bring their own water and prepare for the sun! It's summer so it is going to be hot!" Bring plenty of water and hydralytes. Hats, sun protection, shade, sunglasses, fans, water spray bottles/misters etc. Bring your water in reusable containers and fill up from our onsite taps.

  6. Behavior and Safety: The festival has a strict policy against anti-social behavior. Please be kind and respectful to our staff, volunteers and other festival attendees. Safety measures include a speed limit of 5km/h within the festival area, and the prohibition of quad bikes and mini bikes. Guests are also encouraged to plan their weekend so they can leave the festival site sober and ready to drive. 

  7. Camping: Guests should bring their camping gear but avoid setting up under overhanging branches. It's important to pack sleeping essentials for a comfortable stay during the 4-day event. Remember: everything you bring to the event you will need to take home with you.

  8. Money and ATMs: There will be no ATMs onsite, so guests should bring adequate cash to make any meal or market stall purchases they may wish for the duration of the event

  9. Green Transport and Parking: Carpooling is encouraged to reduce the festival community's carbon footprint. Guests should follow the instructions of parking marshals to keep access roads clear at all times for emergencies. Please pay close attention to any signage on the roads or at the event.

For more information visit our F.A.Q. or contact us via Chat.


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