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Unleashing the Beeats: Hive Bookings' Stellar Showcase at Initiation Festival 2023

Hive Bookings, the brainchild of André Teixeira, Vinicius Silva, André Mayer, and Rodrigo Melgaço, is set to make an indelible mark at this year's INITIATION Festival. This Australian-based booking agency is driven by a clear objective – to foster cooperative work that generates positive results for both artists and event producers.

About Hive Bookings: With a team of high-level professionals boasting diverse skills, Hive Bookings operates with a strategic vision to ensure artists can fully dedicate themselves to their craft. The agency focuses on creating a team of DJs prepared to tackle market challenges, delivering unforgettable performances characterized by energy, innovative repertoire, and advanced research. Hive Bookings aims to contribute to the development and evolution of Australia's electronic music scene.

Now, let's introduce you to the phenomenal DJs from Hive Bookings who will grace the INITIATION Festival stage.

Meet the Psychedelic Maestros:

🎶 Bio: Simon, the force behind FowlOwl, took a transformative journey from rap to Psychedelic Trance. With a focus on powerful basslines, precise percussion, and playful synths, FowlOwl promises a 'funkadelic rollercoaster' that keeps you guessing.

🎶 Bio: LoopBass, the rhythm seeker, offers a versatile sound journey from progressive to psytrance. His innovative and creative profile, mixed with influences like Burn in Noise and Captain Hook, creates a unique atmosphere on the dance floor.

🎶 Bio: André Mayer, the Brazilian powerhouse behind Merlin, infuses world influences, energy, and passion into his Psytrance. Currently based on the Gold Coast, Merlin's performances are a mix of cultural richness and high-energy beats.

🎶 Bio: Milton Montenegro, the rhythmic maestro from São Paulo, blends vibrant Brazilian spirit with deep, progressive landscapes in his Techno sets. From street performances to festival stages, Milton's musical journey is a testament to his versatile talent.

🎶 Bio: Ned Flangers, the funky fusion of Avi and Simon, delivers groovy, funky, and fresh PsyTrance. With a focus on high-quality production, they create a sound that keeps the dance floor moving non-stop.

🎶 Bio: Jai, the creator of Odyssey, takes you on a journey with deep psychedelic leads and trippy noises. Inspired by Cosmosis and Ajja, his unique sound, created from live-recorded guitar modulations, promises a captivating experience.

🎶 Bio: Casey Cork, the brain behind Progadox, hails from the Sunshine Coast hinterlands. With an uplifting, melodic drive, Progadox aims to penetrate hearts and minds, providing inspiration and excitement to fellow bass-fiends.

🎶 Bio: Rodrigo Dina, aka Progressive OutRun, brings the best tunes from his 5 years of doofing and music exploration. His sets blend groovy offbeat bass lines with melodic breaks, creating an uplifting vibe with a retro touch.

🎶 Bio: André Teixeira, the mastermind behind Psychotria, is a Brazilian Psytrance DJ and Producer. His performances blend tracks from 142 to 146 bpm, delivering a unique energy. Psychotria's journey also involves co-founding Hive Bookings to solidify their position in the Australian scene.

10. Razah

🎶 Bio: Razah, based in Gold Coast, presents a mix of propulsive Deep House and Melodic Techno. His creative entity breaks musical genres, adapting his sound to match the setting and time, offering a unique blend of groovy and smooth tunes.

🎶 Bio: Stewsy Hughes, with over a decade of experience, captivates crowds with his unique blend of driving techno beats and psychedelic elements. From underground parties to large-scale festivals, Stewsy continues to push boundaries and strive for new heights.

🎶 Bio: Vanessa Garcia, aka Vibe Joy, brings great vibes and joyful experiences through her music. Mixing deep and progressive psy-techno tunes, she aims to blend her vibes into the underground scene, creating an immersive experience on the dance floor.

🎶 Bio: Vinny-S, a parallel project of LoopBass, focuses on low BPM genres. With a unique style, Vinny-S delivers a techno experience that resonates with the audience, exploring the depths of electronic music.

14. Wajapi

🎶 Bio: Cecilia Costa, aka Wajapi, embarked on her psychedelic journey in 2011. With deep progressive, introspective, and psychedelic sets, Wajapi aims to make people dance and connect with themselves, celebrating 12 years in the psychedelic scene.

Stay Tuned for More: This is just a glimpse of the exceptional talent that Hive Bookings is bringing to INITIATION Festival 2023. Get ready for an electrifying experience filled with diverse sounds and infectious beats. Follow Hive Bookings on the Website, Instagram and Facebook for updates and behind-the-scenes moments.

Don't miss out on the electrifying performances and dive into the cosmic soundscape created by Hive Bookings at the INITIATION Festival. Join us for an unforgettable fusion of talent, energy, and connection. —see you soon! #HiveBookings #InitiationFestival #PsychedelicJourney

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